MO Consulting collaborate with ERGO-FIT and signs agreement for the African, Cypriot & Maltese market.

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MO Consulting collaborates with ERGO-FIT and signs agreement for the  African, Cypriot & Maltese market.


Bückeburg – 27th of May 2020

“The 1st of May 2020, a day marked as the start of a new strong cooperation by signing a new collaborative and exciting agreement to help ERGO-FIT male a strong start in the African,Cypriot and Maltese market with a strong start in the African Market, Cyprus and Maltase market. Ready to bring continents closer together” . With those words Mark Oldfield, CEO of MO Consulting, describes the start of the collaboration of MO Consulting and ERGO-FIT. 

Many companies would like to set up or expand their operations in Africa to participate in the rapid growth the regions are enjoying. However, Africa is complex and needs professional know-how to enter the market professionally and efficient. Experienced guidance is needed in selecting priority markets and create a strategy to enter the market in the more effective way. For this reason, ERGO-FIT has selected MO Consulting as exclusive business development partner to assist with the entey of the African, Cypriot and Maltase market.

Speaking during the media briefing, Mr. Mark Oldfield described the opportunities regarding Medical Health Business in Africa as immense. ERGO-FIT will enter the African market as one of the first mover and shaker for the digital health, this will kickstart an evolution in health care. The collaboration of MO Consulting and ERGO-FIT will develop and boost the economy of Africa “We are most honored to be a part of this” – Oldfield stated.

Speaking in the same vein, Michael Resch, CEO of ERGO-FIT, underlines that the company ERGO-FIT comes with a promise to help boost the country’s economy. In his words “regardless of the imminent challenges in the African economy, ERGO-FIT has a promise to deliver cost-effective, high-quality “Made-in-Germany-products” to be part of revolution in African health care. We are certain to boost the African, Cypriot and Maltese market.”

The ERGO-FIT range promises to be the most innovative, most cost effective, safest and easiest-to-operate health equipment available in African, Cypriot and Maltese Market. The next steps will be the selection of dedicated Distributors per country.

About MO Consulting:

MO Consulting based in Bückeburg – Germany, is an independent consulting company, which advises on business relations between Europe and Middle East and Africa. MO Consulting brings a full-service portfolio to the table from concept, to training, to sales. Mark Oldfield, the founder and CEO of MO Consulting, wants to share more than 22-year experience with his business relations in the EMEA area. The MO Consulting full service team is made up of experts in their field of business. Covering most Middle Eastern and African countries, they are hoping to bring new products and developments to Europe and vice versa. MO Consulting will be a strong partner for those looking to expand  in the EMEA area.

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About Ergo-Fit :

ERGO-FIT is a full-range supplier for the fitness and therapy sector: They offer equipment for cardio and strength training, exercise systems, as well as individualized concepts for customized health training. In recent years, in addition to ERGO-FIT products, they have successfully established two other brands: With Cardiowise, they are specifically targeting cardiac rehabilitation. IVO Trainer is what they offer in terms of a mobile pulling resistance system. Michael Resch is the managing director of ERGO-FIT in the third generation. And as in many family businesses, it applies to us: the director is not an unknown decision-maker, but always accessible to questions or suggestions.

For more information and/or images, please send an email to: or visit the website from ERGO-FIT : . You will also be able to follow ERGO-FIT  via Facebook and Instagram.