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MO Consulting and Ricoh International( and sign agreement and announce the appointment of Mark Oldfield as Business Development Consultant for the African Markets

MO Consulting signs agreement with Pantum International to support sales in certain countries

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Bringing Continents Together



If you’re facing a critical gap in your company and need a swift, competent, and reliable solution, look no further than MO Consulting. We specialize in providing prompt and effective interim management services. Our experienced interim managers excel at navigating transitions, crises, and organizational changes.

Here’s how MO Consulting can assist you:

  1. High-Quality Sales Training: Elevate your sales team’s performance with our top-notch training programs.

  2. Sales Director / Manager – Sales Channel Development and Restructuring: Let us help you restructure and enhance your sales channels for improved results.

  3. Market Research: Gain valuable insights and strategic intelligence to stay competitive.

  4. Market Expansion: Explore new markets or expand your business to new locations with our guidance.

  5. Temporary Management: Trust our skilled interim managers to lead your organization effectively during critical phases.

  6. Event Planning: Rely on us for organizing incentives, events, product launches, and participation in fairs.

  7. Dynamic Marketing Materials: We create compelling and localized advertising, leaflets, and more.

Hiring an interim manager for your international business offers numerous advantages:

  • Professional Expertise: Interim managers are results-driven professionals dedicated to driving positive change.

  • Fresh Perspective: They bring a new outlook to your organization, injecting innovation and fresh ideas.

  • Immediate Availability: Interim managers are ready to step in precisely when and where you need them.

  • Cost-Effective: Their services are a cost-efficient solution to address critical business needs.

For responsive and effective interim management solutions, trust MO Consulting. We’re here to help your business thrive. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your company’s success.




CEO/ Founder

Mark, the founder and owner of MO Consulting, boasts a remarkable 22+ years of experience in international corporate management. His journey began at “Digital Equipment,” where he honed his expertise in material planning during a six-year tenure.

Subsequently, Mark transitioned to the Japanese company ‘Komatsu Hanomag,’ focusing on special projects and material planning. In 1991, he embarked on a new chapter at Solvay Enzymes, assuming the role of Marketing Service Manager. There, he skillfully managed key areas, including order management, logistics, sales controlling, and branding.

Between 1997 and 2018, Mark served as the Senior Area Manager at Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe GmbH. In this role, he held responsibility for Central Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Cyprus, and Malta, overseeing an impressive annual turnover exceeding 82 million euros.

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