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Our commitment to you is to support, to service and to optimize your processes. Whatever your location or your industry, our team of experts is strategically located to ensure an active local presence to help you reach your goals. Based on our knowledge and expertise, a uniform approach through clear procedures ensures that the work we conduct for you is done properly. MO Consulting is committed to your business, to improve your performance. Contact us today!

Our Service Portfolio 

market entry

New Market Entry

market entry

To increase your success through our experience and existing network, safe market entry and brand positioning/marketing strategy.  

  • No increase of headcount and fixed cost
  • No risk for your staff in unknown territories and markets
  • We offer market research
  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Marketing and Corporate Communication
  • Brand Strategy; new or relaunch of the brand – increase brand awareness
  • Create localized and dynamic advertising, leaflets, etc.
  • Organize incentives,events,product launches,etc.
market entry

Relationship Management

market entry

Relationship management between Manufacturer and Sales partner – reduction in overhead cost for both parties.

  • Interface between Supplier & Business Partner and/or Customer
  • No need for full-time position Area Manager – now available on demand
  • Business trips/Identification of business opportunities
  • Pricing and support negotiations
  • Join business meetings/fairs/events/exhibitions
  • Management (cultural) advice

Interim Management

market entry

Are you looking for an interim manager with a proven track record? MO Consulting can provide this service to you on a short-term turn basis. During this period, we will support you with a proven heavyweight, experienced, interim executive manager who will be able to step in and manage the period of transition, crisis or change within your organisation effectively.

  • Marketing planning and buying
  • Sales Channel Development and Restructuring (Dealers program )
  • Marketing and corporate communication
  • Organize incentives,events,product launches,etc
  • Sales Director Postion to help in retructuriing
  • General Manager Interim Managment

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market entry

Office Solution

market entry
  • Interface between Supplier & Business Partner (B2B)
  • Procurement of Goods for MEA 
  • Reduce your Copy Click Cost
  • Negotiate Lower Hardware Costs
  • Management advice Restructuring / Dealer channel development

Go-to-Market Strategy