MO Consulting collaborate WK-MedTec GmbH on the Cold Plasma Hand Sanitizer

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MO Consulting collaborates with WK-MedTec GmbH on the Cold Plasma Hand Sanitizer which revolutionize the Hand Hygiene !

We are delighted to begin the collaboration with WK-MedTec GmbH  in the East African, South African, Ethiopian and Ghanaian Market” With those words Mark Oldfield, CEO of MO Consulting, describes the new business cooperation. 

These countries are complex and need specific know-how to enter the market professionally and efficient. Experienced guidance is needed in selecting priority markets and create a strategy to enter the market in the most effective way. For this reason, WK-MedTec GmbH has selected MO Consulting as business consultancy to assist with the entry of the market.

Mark Oldfield plans to replicate the success the company WK-MedTec GmbH already achieves in Europe this year for other markets. “To be successful in those specific markets, a excellent product portfolio is not enough. You need a professional organization in those countries, which can directly support and consult customers throughout the buying process. In this way you can find the most suitable solution for the customers business with the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Mr. Wilfried Krömker – CEO WK-MedTec GmbH – underlines these intentions for WK-MedTec and the cooperation with MO Consulting: We are the revolution of Hand Hygiene ! We are living in a world where impeccable hand hygiene has become a non-negotiable in every arena of life.

The WK-MedTec product range promises to be the most innovative, most cost effective, safest and easiest-to-operate in the market. Cold Plasma is an ionised gas consisting of different particles. Specific parts, the so-called hydroxyl radicals have a sanitizing effect. The production of cold plasma merely requires two distinct things: ambient air and electricity.

The next steps will be the selection of more dedicated distributors per country.


About MO Consulting:

MO Consulting based in Bückeburg – Germany, is an independent consulting company, which advises on business relations between Europe and Middle East and Africa. MO Consulting offers a full-service portfolio from concept, to training, to sales.

Mark Oldfield, the founder and CEO of MO Consulting, wants to share more than 22-year experience with his business relations in the EMEA area. The MO Consulting full-service team is made up of experts in their field of business.Covering most Middle Eastern and African countries, they are planning to bring new products and developments to Europe and vice versa. MO Consulting will be a strong partner for those looking to expand in the EMEA area.

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About WK-MedTec:

WK MedTec GmbH  is a German company that develops innovative products that make people’s lives more convenient. WK-MedTec focuses on quality, simplicity and sustainable innovation. The company specializes in cold plasma technology and has launched two state-of-the-art products, the Hand Sanitizer and the Air Sanitizer.

Mr. Wilfried Krömker is the CEO of WK-MedTech GmbH.

For more information and/or images, please send an email to: or visit the website from WK-MedTec GmbH :