Mike MIer

About Me

Global Vertical MArkets & Thematic Strategic Consultant with over 13yrs of Experience.

Michael Mier

Throughout his professional career over a span of more than 13 years, Michael has contributed to impacting business outcomes through effective organization, prioritization and execution of significant projects in Asia, Africa, and Europe. His extensive generalist knowledge on various vertical markets and industries worldwide, skills and qualifications are an ideal match to any business development and general strategy requirements for any clients anywhere in the world. He is knowledgeable in product and sales training, recruitment and human performance management with proficiency in content and idea generation reporting. 

He has lived in Asia, Africa and Europe throughout his life and can be available for online or on-site business visit in more than 100 countries. 

He received his MBA degree at the Maastricht School of Management in The Netherlands with a research focus on creative leadership, project teams and training.

Area of expertise:

  • Human Performance Management – Project Teams

  • Client Locus of Situation and Strategic Action Profiling

  • Advisory to Start-Up and Entrepreneur (100+ career, 100+ industries and 100+ markets)

  • Brand and Corporate Image Communication, Content and Messaging

Notable organizations and clients that Michael has worked with:

  • Manufacturer of business and industrial imaging products – Japan

  • Brand for infant products – Italy

  • Recruitment companies – Finance and Technology – Malta

  • Global Private Bank – Switzerland

  • Global FIG Bank – United States

  • Global Investment Bank – Australia

  • Capital Markets and Investment group – HK

  • Consumer and electronic goods manufacturers – China and Poland

  • Global Brand distributors – Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Mozambique, Madagascar, Tanzania, Nigeria, Angola, and Burkina Faso

Email: michael.mier@moconsulting-info.com